Goli (Glayol) Sahba MD has been a physician in Sacramento for 34 years and trained in Family Medicine at U C Davis and in Functional Medicine at the Institute for Functional Medicine. She and Doug MacPherson have been married for 38 years and have two children. Goli has been a longtime activist in multiple areas including antinuclear, antiwar, Central America solidarity, community /school gardening and Climate Justice with the Sacramento Climate Coalition. She is also an active member of the Sacramento Physicians for Social Responsibility, 350 Sacramento and most recently, ThirdAct Sacramento which focuses on pressuring the top 4 Wall Street banks funding the fossil fuel Industry to divest. Ellen Brown’s book The Public Bank Solution showed Goli the enormous potential to solve the many ills in our communities as well as the intersecting crises of climate change, lack of affordable housing and the proliferation of guns and private prisons. Divestment from Wall street Banks and the manifestation of the values of local communities could be achieved with public banks.

The Sacramento Climate Coalition (SCC, comprised of 35 local environmental and social justice organizations) since 2019 has succeeded in achieving Climate Emergency declarations by the City, County and the public utility of Sacramento(SMUD) accelerating the transition off fossil fuels to 2030. Additionally, SCC achieved the establishment of the Sacramento County Climate Emergency mobilization Taskforce comprised of youth and community leaders. In 2022, initiating a public bank and advancing a multi-faceted Climate funding strategy became the top focus of the work of SCC.