Join the movement for a sustainable, equitable and accessible future. Together, we can establish a Public Bank in San Diego that empowers our community to invest in vital local initiatives, such as environmental protection, economic justice and affordable housing. Let’s make a difference, join us today. #PublicBankSD

2023 Campaign Updates:

Out of the ashes of the ‘Enron By The Sea’ pension funding debacle that brought San Diego to the brink of bankruptcy, a grassroots movement has formed to take local control of our public finances. Public Bank SD is part of the California Public Banking Alliance and works to save taxpayers millions of dollars while investing our money in ethical ways that reflect our values. Join Us!

After the historic passage of the California Public Banking Act (AB 857) the movement for public banks has been taken up by the economic justice leaders on the San Diego City Council- Councilmembers Campbell, Ward, Montgomery, and Gomez all support the investment in a business plan that will allow the city to apply for an in-house banking charter. 

Public Bank San Diego Press:

San Diego Tribune, February 2, 2020: State legislation prompts San Diego to explore creating a city-owned ‘public bank’


Public Bank SD Resolution